ROSÉ WINE EXPO – KAZANLAK, a three-day wine fiesta, which is held every June as part of the traditional annual Rose Festival  in the Valley of Roses and Thracian kings

The festival combines “The Golden Kylix” National Contest for the best Rosé wine of Bulgaria, a Trade Show ofboth established and emerging wine-producing companies  from home and abroad, and a Gourmet Zone to delight the senses with itspresentation of innovative food and cosmetic natural products, which cancomplement wine and its derivatives .

The wealth of art accompanying the festival follows the concept of the ancient Thracian celebrations of Orpheus, and it combines music, dance and painting with wine. The days of the event provide an opportunity for local artists to present their talent to a wider audience.

“The Golden Kylix” evaluates the current-vintage Bulgarian Roséwine because this special wine embodies the idea of translating the tradition of the ancient Thracian wine culture into a modern product concept. “The Golden Kylix” is a major national contest, and it represents wine producers from all regions of Bulgaria.

The special tasting panel will include renowned representatives of the academic community, prominent oenologists, highly-respected international judges, professional sommeliers,and acclaimed wine journalists.

An art jury of well-known graphic designers and academicians will choose the winner of the annual prize for Best WineLabel Design.

During the festival days, filled with wine and roses, you can attend captivating lectures, workshops, tastings and master classes, which will turn you into a true connoisseur.

The Rosé wine festival is determined to bring out the prestige of the Bulgarian wine as a national treasure, together with the unique Kazanlak rose oil, and it will send out its “message in a bottle”  to you.

The event has been founded and organized by the ABSOLUT Ltdcompany, and its annual edition is under the patronage of the Mayor of Kazanlak.

Attend the Rosé Wine Expo-Kazanlak festival, a beautiful celebration of the senses and the joy of life.

VENUE: “Iskra-1860″ Theatre foyer and garden /1″Iskra” St.,Kazanlak/

DAYS OF THE FESTIVAL:  Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Free admission.

ROSÉ WINE EXPO – KAZANLAK will promote various gourmet bio-products, beverages, foods and flavours, and it will provide gifted young people with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents to a wide audience.

Come and visit ROSÉ WINE EXPO – KAZANLAK, a true feast for the senses and a real experience of the joy of life!

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FEE for Participation in Exhibition Rose Wine Expo Kazanlak  2020:
396 Bulgarian Levs VAT or  200 EUR,which is mandatory for all participants in the exhibition.
The organizers will issue an invoice.

Each Exhibitor receives a dinner order for two people for the SPECIAL ROSE DINNER 2020, which is included in the fee.

Festival Equipment:

  1. Exhibition Table180/80 CM -1 pc.
  2. Main table cover, color pink -1 pc.
  3. Table cover (rectangular), burgundy color 100/100 sm-1 pc.
  4. Table cover, burgundy color 50/50 sm -2 pcs.
  5. Metal Ice Bucket– 18sm -1 pc.
  6. Spittoon -1 pc.
  7. Metal Serving Tray-60 sm- 1 piece.
  8. Folding chair -2 pcs.
  9. Sign board with your logo -1 pc.

The Organizers provide a special art and gourmet program accompanying the festival.

A common storage area can be used in the building, providing 24-hour security.

Staff during the event will remove waste and unnecessary packaging.

Free plastic wine tasting glasses, paid branded wine glasses, free ice, salt and sweet biscuits, and water are provided.

During the exhibition you have the opportunity to sell your wines and goods with the necessary documents and apparatus for trade.

Deadline for payment of the full amount 15 .05.2020 on
Amounts paid are not refundable.
„Allianz Bank Bulgaria“ AD – Business Center KAZANLAK
Companies participating in the exhibition, occupying positions from 10.00 to 16.00 on the day of check in / May 5-th.,Friday,2020  to submit their samples and arrange their stands. Unloading of cars going in the parking lot east of the building of the Community Center / rear entrance /.

Export of specimens and objects from the stands is carried on the closing day of the exhibition – June 7-th, 2020 , Sunday  – after 16.00.

Not allowed export of samples before closing the exhibition.

Include the logo and contact information in the exhibition catalog that will be distributed electronically to the company website: www.rosewine-expo.com and https://www.facebook.com/rosewineexpo
Wine Festival Rose – Rosé Wine Expo
The event will be advertised in local media – TV, radio, press release, billboards, posters and electronic media, will be organized press conference with the media in the days of the opening and awards. June 6-th  2020 ,Saturday.

HOURS OF THE EXHIBITION June 6-th., Saturday,2020: from 9:00 to 19:00 – for all visitors
June 7-th ,Sunday,2020  from 10:00 to 17:00 – for all visitors
FREE entrance for visitors.
June 7-th ,Saturday ,2020 at 10.30 am

Insurance of goods and exhibits.
All tax formalities and permits for the sale of goods, samples and exhibits.
Transport and hotel accommodation.

It is obligatory compliance with the instructions of the Fire Brigade at „Iskra-1860“. Smoking is not allowed inside the territory of exhibition and community center.

During the exhibition 24-hour security to protect the property in overtime at the exhibition is provided. It is obligatory compliance with internal rules and regulations at „Iskra-1860“

For accommodation participants will receive a document for listing their equipment. Property damages are charged at market prices. The organizers will not  be liable for any loss or damage during the opening hours of the exhibition.



6100 Kazanlak str. „Hristo Botev“ 60
Tel.0431 87090

Wine Festival Rose – Rosé Wine Expo


Mrs. Anna Dundakova –Tell: 0898/867676; E-mail: andineva@gmail.com

Mr. Miroslav Dundakov –Tell: 0888/809063; E-mail: absolut1965@abv.bg


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